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Jim Snack is an expert in motivation and engagement.  His programs include the following topics:

The Magic of Change:  Moving from Fear to Wonder -  Learn how to manage change positively.  Messages about creating a compelling vision, keeping a positive attitude, strengthening relationships, and stepping out of one's comfort zone are delivered in an entertaining and educational presentation.  Ideal as an kick-off or closing general session.


The Magic of Creativity: Thinking Outside The Box - Tomorrows leaders need to be able to look at problems in a different light. Participants will learn how to overcome obstacles to creativity and to work together as a team to brainstorm solutions. They will discover their hidden strengths and learn how to go beyond traditional thinking to find creative ways to solve problems.


Motivation & Teambuilding for Managers - Managers need simple, yet effective strategies for creating a workplace that supports teams.  Learn strategies for motivating employees to be more productive team members, including creating shared vision, turning "YES, BUT” into “YES, AND," and using humor to create a positive workplace. 


Leading to Engagement - Do you want more engaged employees, willing to go the extra mile for your company?  Learn specific leadership strategies and communication behaviors that increase employee engagement, resulting in more loyal employees, higher satisfaction, lower turnover, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction


Humor: Jest for the Health of it Take your job seriously, but yourself lightly.  Studies consistently show that a sense of humor is essential for relieving stress, enhancing communication, and improving relationships.


The Magic of Making a Difference - This program is filled with magic, mirth and message and celebrates the qualities of those who make a difference in organizations.  It's ideal for an award banquet.


Engaging Presentations: Terrific Tricks of the Trade - This mirth-shaking educational experience is designed to put pizzazz into your speaking, teaching or training.  Learn how active learning techniques such as puzzles, brain teasers, magic tricks, and other activities can break the ice, capture attention, and make your next presentation more engaging and interactive. 


The above topics are available as large group presentations or smaller breakout sessions and can be tailored to meet your needs.  Please call Jim to discuss how he can create a program especially suited for your event.


Jim is also available for speech coaching and presentation skills training and youth programs. 




Jim Calvin, NYACS


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