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Six Tips for Better PowerPoint Presentations

by Jim Snack


1. Plan your presentation first as if you were not going to use Power Point.  Believe it or not, people once gave presentations without PowerPoint slides.  You can too.  Are there other presentation techniques might work better?  Donít use Power Point when another communication strategy might be more effective.  Plan for the day your projector lamp blows, because it will someday!

2. Make your slides clear from the last row in the room with proper selection of color and text size. Use a medium to dark blue background with yellow or white text (or a light background and dark letters) with text at a 28 or 32 point size, with titles being 36 to 44 point size.

3. Simplify the content of your slides. Use less text, more graphics and try to do less on each slide. EX. Show a photo, tell a story, then make your point.

4. Donít use it as a teleprompter where the speech is read to the audience!!! This is one of the top things that annoys an audiences.

5. Insert BLACK SLIDES when you want them to focus only on you, or just press the lowercase "B" key.  This will make the screen go black, and if it is a self-running presentation, it will pause. When you are ready to resume the show, press the "B" key again, and you will start right where you left off.

6. Learn how to use the equipment and know your subject well enough that you presentation becomes a conversation with the audience instead of reciting a speech.



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