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Enhanced Presentation Skills Workshop

Participants learn  presentation techniques to break the ice, capture attention, engage the audience and make their presentations more engaging and effective.

      Topics covered include:

  • Creating a great first impression with a strong opening
  • Six ways to capture an audience’s attention in 30 seconds or less
  • How to reduce nervousness and stage fright
  • How to organize content for maximum effectiveness
  • Using voice and gestures to create strong impressions
  • Dealing with technical problems, including microphone feedback, inadequate lighting, poor room set-up and stage location
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Using eye contact and humor
  • Effectively using visual aids and avoiding death by power point
  • Controlling any environment in which you’ve been asked to speak

Participants learn how to structure their content for clarity and how to deliver that content for maximum effectiveness.  

Available as a breakout session at conferences or on-site training program.



Jim Snack

PO Box 380, West Sand Lake, NY  12196

(800) 392-7582


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