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What kinds of organizations do you work with?

I works with all types of organizations including businesses, associations, government agencies, schools, colleges, and non-profits organizations.  To view a representative sample of the clients I have worked with click here.

What topics do you speak about?

Speeches and training programs focus on increasing employee motivation and engagement through teambuilding, improving communication, dealing with stress and managing change.

The most frequently requested presentations include:

  • The Magic of Change

  • Motivation & Teambuilding

  • Humor: Jest for the Health of it!

  • Dealing with Difficult People: From Conflict to Collaboration

  • Customer Service with a Smile

  • Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box

  • Engaging Presentations

How long are your presentations?

A keynote speech is typically about an hour long, but a luncheon or after-dinner program may be shorter.   Half-day seminars are 3 - 4 hours in length and a full-day seminar is about 7 hours long.  Of course, any program can be customized to meet your needs.

How much do you charge?

Fees may vary depending on the format, length of program, location, and whether you need additional consulting services.  After we speak by phone I can give provide an accurate quote.

How are expenses handled?

Fees do not include travel expenses, which are billed separately.  Upon request, however, I am happy to quote an all inclusive fee, which includes all travel expenses except a hotel room.  There is no additional charge for airfare, mileage, tolls, car rental, meals, etc.   If lodging is needed, only the room and tax are charged to the client’s master account. 

Is there a way for me to save on your fee?

There are several ways to save on the fee.  The cost per program is lower when you engage me to present more than one program on the same day - a keynote combined with a breakout session, for example.  Discounts are also available for local programs, multiple programs on the same trip, and certain non-profit and government organizations.  Please inquire. 

Do you present after dinner programs?

Yes.  I especially enjoy after-diner programs. For example, for awards banquets I present a program that combines magic, humor and audience participation while highlighting the qualities of the people who deserve recognition. 

Why should we choose you to speak for our group?

I hold the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association, the speaking industry's international measure of professional platform skill.   CSP is conferred only on those accomplished speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria through a rigorous 5 year certification process. Furthermore, I have a long track record of presenting outstanding programs that deliver solid content in an engaging and memorable way.

Click here to see what clients think about my presentations.

Do you have a video I can preview?

Yes, you can view it by Clicking Here

Can you provide references?

Yes. Please contact me.  Click here to see what clients have to say.

Do you work with speaker bureaus?

Yes, I work with several speaker bureaus.  There is never any additional cost to you if you decide to work with a bureau.  I am happy to work with any bureau you choose, or one of my favorites.  Click Here

Do you provide learning materials or handouts?

Yes, a handout is prepared to best meet the needs of your group, depending on the length of the program and the type of program and event.  You will receive a master copy of the handout for duplication.  There is no charge for the master.

Do you have any articles we can reprint?

Yes, click here.

Can you provide a photo for our brochure?

Yes, Click Here to download one.

What are your AV and set-up requirements?

Click Here for AV and set-up requirements.

Can you send a biography and introduction?

You can also download a biography and generic introduction here.   I will email a customized introduction printed in large font for easy reading in advance of the meeting and will bring an additional copy with me to your event. 

What is the next step to have you speak for our organization?

Call (800) 392-7582 or email to select a date and discuss what type of program would be appropriate for your group.

To finalize an agreement, two things are needed:

  1. A signed program agreement

  2. A 50% deposit to confirm the date.



Jim Snack

PO Box 380, West Sand Lake, NY  12196

(800) 392-7582