Room Set-up and A/V Needs for Jim Snack

Stage:  For audiences over 80 people, a raised platform at least 8' x 12' in size is recommended (prefer 12' x 16'). The height should be appropriate for the audience size (approximately 9" rise for every 100 people). Try to place the first row of seats within 3 feet of the stage. If other speakers are using a podium or lectern, place it off to one side, so Jim can walk in front of it. Jim does not use a podium.

Microphones: Jim needs a hands free, lapel style microphone.  He can use one you provide or he can bring his own which plugs into the house PA system. It is recommended that you have a different microphone for other speakers and/or the person introducing Jim.

Chairs: 4 chairs onstage. They should be straight-backed, with no arms. The ideal chair is a stackable one, although folding chairs can work in a pinch.

Lighting: General stage wash. Most action will take place in center stage; spotlights should be focused center. Jim's programs are not designed for low light situations.  If projection is used (see below), the lights should be shuttered off the projection screen. 

A/V Projection:

For some programs, Jim will need a projector for Power Point slides. Please call prior to the program to see which, if any, will be needed.

Introduction: A company representative to read a printed introduction.

Other:  For half and full day training sessions, please provide a flipchart with markers.

Any Questions, Jim can be reached at (800) 392-7582.